Land Whitmarsh LLP Family Law Attorneys

Jan 6, 2016 | | Say something

At Land Whitmarsh LLP, they are committed to granting their clients the care and obligation they require from an attorney to resolve their domestic responsibilities. Domestic issues require a proficient family lawyer who will provide the finest legal assistance possible for your situation. Land Whitmarsh LLP provides you with extensive legal advice that safeguards your rights while keeping your concerns close at heart.

Their family law practice areas are Child Support, Child Custody, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Divorce and Marriage Dissolutions, Paternity, Prenuptial Agreements, Grandparents’ Rights and Fathers’ Rights. They pride themselves on being candid, reliable and being devoted to your case. Their skilled lawyers give personal attention to your situation and your particular circumstances in each area of family law. This firm offers you a free consultation to efficiently find out your position for appealing the courts for a resolution in family law practice areas. Their general aim is to give their clients a strong family law case on their behalf.


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