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Workers have rights. They have the right to claim compensation in cases when they become injured at work. Their families also have the right to claim compensation in situations where they (the worker) may die or become seriously injured when on the job. Worker’s compensation is a system of laws designed to protect injured or deceased worker’s families.

Why you may need Day Law Group workers compensation lawyer

Most workers who become injured on the job suffer from minor, recoverable injuries. They also may qualify for basic worker’s compensation benefits, mainly to cover missed wages. However, workers who experience serious, often debilitating injuries need legal aid.

People with serious and/or debilitating injuries may have trouble seeking compensation from employers. A worker may need a workers compensation lawyer when:

They may be refused benefits they’re entitled to claim

They may be told to return to work when they’re not physically able

They may be denied extended or permanent disability, despite having a disabling injury

Workers who have gained injuries or disabilities on the job are encouraged to seek assistance from a workers compensation lawyer. Workers compensation lawyers generally have extensive knowledge of the workers compensation system and can provide beneficial advice and assistance that will help workers eventually settle their cases.

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