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As a victim of personal injury, you can always file a complaint for compensation. A complaint if successful will enable you receive monetary compensation from the party which caused you harm.


Your complaint needs to be strong in order to earn you a monetary settlement. By strong, it means that it must contain sufficient evidence that the injury actually happened. Not only this but also that the wrongful party caused you the injury as a result of negligence.



Negligence is a key term in regards to personal injury claims. It refers to a failure by an accused party to act in the appropriate or required way. When you accuse a certain party of personal injury through negligence, it means this party was aware of the right way in which they were to act but however failed to do so. Their action to act in this required manner consequently caused you injury or harm.



Even though most personal injury cases are premised upon negligence of another party, not all of them are as a result of negligence. Personal injuries can also occur as a result of an intentional or reckless action by a second party. You can always file a lawsuit regardless of the injury being intentionally or negligently induced.



To successfully file a personal injury claim, you will need a personal injury lawyer to assist you with the legal requirements. Your lawyer will explain the legal details to you and also guide you on how to initiate and carry on with the suit. It's the lawyer who will be your voice in court. He or she will help you counter the other party who likely will be denying responsibility for injury.



Personal injury suits can be quite complex and may drag too. It's important that you hire a competent and knowledgeable attorney to help you. The personal injury law firm  of John D. Whittington, PC in Manassas, specializes in personal injury claims. You can always get the legal assistance you need here at our Manassas offices. Contact us today and let us help you speed up your compensation process.

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