Employment law

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As Van Etten Sipprelle LLP employment lawyer in Van Nuys, thier job is to regulate the legal relationships between employers, employees and other stakeholders, such as the works council.

The field of labor law is complex and offers a great potential for conflict for all involved, not least because the workplace and the associated benefits for the employee are of vital importance.

But it is also important for the employer with which employees he works under what conditions.

As lawyers in employment law, our job is to guide the conflicting interests of all stakeholders to the best possible outcome for clients, taking into account all legal aspects.

On the one hand, advice on employment law can be necessary right from the start of the employment relationship, for example with questions

  • Employee or self-employed
  • Formulating or reviewing working conditions and employment contracts
  • Termination of employment contracts
  • Questioning right of the employer during the job interview
  • Minor employment of workers.

But even during the employment relationship, the advice of a lawyer in employment law can make sense, for example

  • the parental allowance and the education time
  • with special services of the employer
  • in case of illness of the employee
  • for questions about the holiday
  • in case of discrepancies to wages and salary
  • with questions about the liability of employer and employee

Another field of activity of the lawyer in employment law is the termination of the employment relationship. At this point in time, the following points are of particular importance

  • Warning
  • termination
  • protection against dismissal
  • notice periods
  • Types of terminations
  • severance pay
  • certificate of employment

Advice on employment law therefore differs very fundamentally from the time one is appointed as a lawyer, and on the other hand, it is always important to consider the interests of the individual at each stage.

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