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The business lawyer works in areas that can not usually be covered by the company or by other occupations. This assures him of the constant demand for a service that can ultimately only be influenced by competition or the economic situation. Qualification counts Therefore, a young business lawyer is expected to have special qualifications. The – in the future only modified – training as a German uniform lawyer is a solid basis, but only that. The international law firms expect an application that the exam results are above average. Understanding and overview of difficult economic relationships is the second important requirement. Basic knowledge of commercial accounting and accounting, fundamentals of corporate taxation, insights into the competition policy context and an understanding of the functioning of the financial markets are indispensable.


The international orientation of the profession requires very good English language skills. The candidate must be able to conduct complex negotiations in English, especially on video or telephone conferences. Finally, qualities such as teamwork, sensitivity to client expectations, and assertiveness are needed. Who has this qualification, can with a comparatively high starting salary between 70.


Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC are a Seattle based business law firm.


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