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If you wanted to avoid conducting a hearing, then such a request had to be submitted before the prosecutor addressed the indictment to the court. However, it should be known that such a request is not binding for the prosecutor. The prosecutor attaches the application for a conviction without trial to the indictment only if he / she considers that the circumstances of the crime are clarified and the objectives of the criminal proceedings will be reached. In this case, the prosecutor should agree with you on the penalty that would be imposed on the Lord in the event of a conviction. Looking for a DWI lawyer Denton? Contact Daniel K. Peugh, Attorney at Law.


However, even if the prosecutor would have attached the request to the prosecution, the court is not bound by that conclusion. The court examines the motion at the meeting about which the accused will be notified. If he considers it justified, he will issue a conviction in which he will only punish the punishment that the accused agreed with the prosecutor. Otherwise, it appoints a trial and conducts evidence proceedings.

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