A Child Support Lawyer Based in San Bernardino

Mar 11, 2020 | | Say something

Many people try to deal with complex family law issues on their own. The issue with this is, you tend to not know everything that needs to be thought about. If it is your first time trying to work out child support you might not know of all the things that go into determining how much child support is needed. If you had a San Bernardino child support lawyer helping you through this process, they could give you a more accurate number for how much child support actually is needed from your ex to fully care for your child.  You do you not need to be doing this on your own, you can ask for help, and asking for help is never a bad thing.


If you are having child support issues hire a family law firm in San Bernardino of Law Office of Joyce Holcomb. The best part about these types of lawyers is they keep all the drama out of it and focus on what is best for your child. They want to make sure that in the end the child is taken care of. Having the child have enough to eat, enough clothes, enough money to pay for doctors’ appointments is what is important to the San Bernardino lawyers and courts.

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