Family Lawyer from Santa Monica

Aug 2, 2021 | | Say something

Family law is a very broad term. A Santa Monica family lawyer has the experience needed in countless different subcategories in this law. A family lawyer needs to know how to handle the most complex divorce cases that handle high assets, and children. But they also need to navigate the easiest divorce with the same about of ease. Though family law is way more than just divorces. While divorce cases are one of the most common, a good family lawyer from Harris Family Law Group family law firm in Santa Monica can help you in an array of situations. When you hire this law firm you know that they can handle anything that you have. They can take on a restraining order, prenuptial agreement, or even grandparent’s rights case.


People very often also tend to think of family law as something bad. You are going through a rough time in your life and you need to call a family law attorney in Santa Monica. When you have no other options because your marriage is ending, or because your ex is not helping you pay for the child’s needs. The family law firm Harris Family Law Group in Santa Monica can help you even in the happiest times of your lives. If you just had a baby out of wedlock paternity will need to be established and this law firm can help you with that, and that is a happy new life change. They will also be the people you want to call if you are getting married, because they can draft up a fair prenuptial agreement for your marriage. Family law attorneys can be there during the best and hardest times in your life.

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