Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

Feb 14, 2022 | | Say something

People separate and get divorce for all different kinds of reasons. Sometimes the couple falls out of love, financial troubles, they lose sight of what is important, infidelity, or you find out too late that you just are not compatible as a couple. Whatever the reason is, you might want to consider hiring a Los Angeles divorce attorney. A divorce attorney can help simplify the process of getting a divorce. There is a common misconception that if you pay more for an attorney they can get the divorce finalized faster, which is not the case. The minimum time for a divorce to be finalized in the city of Los Angeles is six months.  Hiring a good lawyer from Land Legal Group can help make your divorce finalized as close to the six month mark as possible, but there is no guarantee and no divorce will ever be finalized in less than 180 days.


Hiring a Los Angeles family lawyer from Land Legal Group, can help you understand the expectations of what getting a divorce will look like. They will offer a free sit down consultation with you to be completely transparent. You will especially want to hire Land Legal Group if you had children during your marriage or if you were married for a long time when your spouse was not working. Land Legal Group can also handle various types of family law cases which makes them a great resources as your divorce attorney. Hiring them will give you the confidence that your divorce filing is being done correctly and with you in mind.

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