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The state of New Mexico does not hold a specific statue for liability in cases of a dog bite. If you have been in such an accident then Ruhmann Law Firm is the best place to rest your worries. Our team of experienced and professional dog bite lawyers in El Paso can help you to prove your case or defend it easily depending on the situation. Act quickly, as there are certain deadlines for filing any claim and if a case is filed after a long period of time then it may dismiss by the court.

The owner of the dog can be held liable if they had the knowledge of the dog being aggressive towards humans especially if the dog has bitten someone before. However, this law does not apply if the dog was being aggressive towards an animal or the dog owner could not tell if he would attack a human. The dog bite cases can be also fought on the basis of negligence although the state of New Mexico considers the act of provocation.

Contact our Personal injury law firm at Ruhmann Law Firm to represent you for the case and be assured to get the best results and counsel immediately at your side.

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