A Dog Bite Lawyer from Portland

Oct 15, 2020 | | Say something

Dog attacks and dog bites can be quite scary. You can be walking along the sidewalk and a dog gets out of its yard and comes running at you. It can leave you with injuries and mental trauma. If you are in Portland and you were bitten by a dog, it is the owner’s responsibility to help you with the cost of your injuries, caused by their dog. While this is the law, a lot of the times the owners try to get away and pretend they were not at fault. When you own a dog they are your responsibility and that means so are the damages that they cause.


If you were injured by a dog, and the owner is not helping you, you might not know where to turn to. It never hurts to speak with a lawyer from Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman a personal injury law firm in Portland. They can give you all the information that you need, they can also help you fight your case. They have some of the most skilled Portland dog bite lawyers who have won cases for past clients as well. You need that money and that compensation to help you pay for all the medical bills that piled up from the dog bite injury.

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