Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bellaire

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Being injured in a pedestrian accident can cause you a lot of injuries. A pedestrian accident lawyer will help you with your pedestrian accident claims. pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere without warning and pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. You should never try to handle pedestrian accident cases on your own. You should contact a pedestrian accident lawyer to handle pedestrian accidents. pedestrian accident lawyers will help you in your pedestrian accident claims and pedestrian accidents can be settled out of court or they can go to trial. If pedestrian accident cases go to trial, the Bellaire pedestrian accident lawyer will assist you in your pedestrian accident claim by testifying on your behalf.


Pedestrian accidents occur because of an activity, a lack of activity, or even a vehicle defect. Most pedestrian accidents happen at intersections and most pedestrian accidents happen when there is no traffic control device present when crossing. The main defense that drivers use against pedestrians in liability cases is that the pedestrian was jaywalking when they were struck by a motorist. Many states have crosswalk laws requiring motorists to yield as vehicles do.


If you were in a pedestrian accident and suffered an injury, then contact a Bellaire pedestrian accident lawyer with experience handling pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian accident lawyer will know when it is necessary to file a personal injury claim for compensation against the negligent party when someone is injured in a pedestrian crash.


Bellaire personal injury law firm, Nava Law Group, P.C. has handled many lawsuits involving pedestrians. Their Conroe pedestrian accident lawyers understand how the city where the car-pedestrian crash occurred designs roads and intersections, pedestrian crosswalks and pedestrian signals. They also know where pedestrian accidents are likely to occur in the city.


If you have been injured in a car-pedestrian accident, contact Nava Law Group, P.C. personal injury law firm in Bellaire for help with your pedestrian accident claim today!

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